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We offer you an exciting selection of unique and desirable Christmas gifts to make shopping for Kris Kringle and Christmas presents easy and fun.

At Unreal Christmas Trees we understand that finding the right Christmas present can be difficult. So, we have assembled a collection of sensational gift ideas for you to choose from right here in our online Christmas shop to make present buying easy.  You will have so much fun shopping for that perfect present, that you will probably want to buy one for yourself.

Trending this year is the spellbinding Snow Globe. This is such a cool present to give, and a much sought-after collectable. Popular with children and adults alike because of the hypnotic appeal of

watching snow and sparkles drifting through water over Christmas scenes. You cannot go wrong with this one.

Soft to touch and very cute, are our sitting gnomes. Kids will love them, and they add so much to the Christmas vibe.

If you want to impress, you can’t go past a sensational Nutcracker also known as a Christmas Soldier. In folklore, these magnificent free-standing sentinels were said to protect and bring good luck to the home. What a perfect gift to embrace the spirit of Christmas! Lots of brownie points for gifting one of these.

If you are invited to a Christmas meal, present the hostess with one of our elegant Christmas cake stands. They will love it and your good taste will be noted.

Gifting beautiful baubles and unique Christmas hanging decorations is a time-honoured tradition loved by those who collect bespoke, precious Christmas ornaments. Browse our extensive range of exquisite ornaments, add to someone else’s collection any see them smile with joy and appreciation.

The best gifts of course are bought with love and given unconditionally. In the words of Thomas S Monson “Christmas is the spirit of giving, without a thought of getting.”

What is rewarding though, is seeing the joy, surprise, delight, and happiness on the faces of those we care so much about.


Taking a bottle of Champagne, wine or beer to Chrissy lunch or dinner? Dress it up with extra cheer with a jolly bottle cover and you are good to go.

It is always good to plan your gift giving list ahead of time and some presents are better to send well in advance of the big event. One thoughtful gift to send in November is a custom-made Christmas wreath.