Christmas Trees

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We offer a sensational range of the best artificial Christmas trees, with free delivery Australia wide, for all Xmas trees up to 8’/243cm.

  • Artificial Flocked Tree – 210/240cm (7/8ft.)

  • Pre-lit Artificial Flocked Tree – 210/240cm (7/8ft.)

  • Flocked Slim Tree – 180cm/210cm (6/7ft.)

    $299.00$379.00 Item will be dispatched October 31, 2021.
  • Pre-lit Tisdale Blue Spruce – 210cm (7ft.)

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    Pre-lit Artificial Majestic Pine Tree Green – Various Sizes

  • Green Frosted Tree w Pine Cones – Various Sizes

    $229.00$599.00 Item will be dispatched October 31, 2021.
  • Green Nordic Fir Tree – 180cm (6ft.)

    $269.00 Item will be dispatched October 31, 2021.
  • Artificial Majestic Pine Tree Green – Various Sizes

  • Artificial Majestic Pine Green – 180cm (6ft.) Half Tree

  • Snow Flocked Tree – Various Sizes

  • Tisdale Blue Spruce – 210cm (7ft.)

  • Spitsbergen – Various Sizes

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    Pre-lit Green Tree – Multi Colour light Options- 4 & 7ft.

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    Artificial Majestic Pine Tree Green – 300/360cm (10-12ft.)

  • Pre-lit Lamp Post with Garland 210cm (7ft.)

  • Elf Pants Xmas Tree Stand

  • Artisan Wall Tree – 3 colour options

  • Rotating Tree Stand


If you do nothing else for Christmas, you need a beautiful Christmas tree, that enduring symbol of the festive season that brings so much happiness and visual delight. Our Christmas trees provide the backdrop for yuletide celebrations and reflect our personal style and taste. Decorating our trees is a much-anticipated annual event, one in which the whole family can participate.

Browse our extensive quality of pre-lit and unlit Christmas trees, half trees for compact spaces, table top decorative trees, and contemporary, wooden wall trees which are fabulous in apartments or kids’ rooms.

Our durable, life-like trees are available in sizes ranging from 150cm-360cm (5’-12’)

While artificial Christmas trees come in all colours of the rainbow, green and blueish-green trees are enduring favourites. The Majestic Pine, with or without lights, is a magnificent, natural looking green tree that is ideal for home decorating. So too, is the Spitsbergen – a superb, sturdy, classic, deep green artificial Christmas tree that you will want to use year in and year out. With branches of blue-green realistic foliage, the Tisdale Spruce is also popular choice compliments a cool interior pallet.

A fast-growing trend is the Flocked Tree, also known as the Snow Frosted and Snowy Christmas Tree.  These elegant, classical trees come with or without lights and when decorated, look truly magical.

Customers often ask why artificial Xmas Trees are better. That’s an easy question to answer. Unreal Christmas trees are a beautiful shape and colour; can be used repeatedly, year after year; are easy to assemble, pack and store; do not produce unpleasant odours nor mess; are allergy friendly; are fire retardant; convenient and affordable. Most of all, we know that you and people in your life, will love the way an exquisite tree from Unreal Christmas Trees will look and make you feel at this special time of year.

We recommend that you buy now from our online store to avoid disappointment. World events have put pressure on supply and demand is high.