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Spitsbergen – in a range of sizes


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Type Size (ft.) Size (cm) No. of Tips Width (cm) Lights
Auckland 7 210 2465 140 Available
Tisdale 7 210 1303 132 Available
Phoenix 7 210 1193 152 Available
Spitsbergen 6 180 895 119 Unavailable
Spitsbergen 7 210 1369 134 Unavailable
Spitsbergen 8 240 1801 144 Unavailable

-Premium quality
-Hinged construction for easy assembly and storage
-Very detailed and just like a real tree
-PE material mixed with PVC
-Flame retardant
-Able to be re-used year after year
-Great for allergy sufferers

FREE DELIVERY or Collect your tree from our warehouse and receive a free Tree Topper! 

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180cm (6ft.), 210cm (7ft.), 240cm (8ft.)