Bonbons 6×13″ Racing Snowman

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Bonbons 6 x 13� Racing Eco Snowman

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Racing Snowman gift
Six handmade traditional English crackers. On your marks , get set and GO!!
Featuring our crazy wind up racing game for all the family to enjoy!
Each cracker contains a snap, joke, party hat and a wind-up racer. Plus a full colour race track included in the box.
Wind racers clockwise taking care not to over wind. Each person holds their racer on the start line�.. on your marks, get set and GO!! First to the finish wins.
Place one cracker at each place setting for decoration and then pull it open with a friend and share the fun !

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Dimensions 38 × 10 × 38 cm

5 reviews for Bonbons 6×13″ Racing Snowman

  1. georgia markesich

    Incredible customer service – very helpful with any queries.
    The Christmas tree and decorations are absolutely beautiful and they are super speedy with pickup/delivery services.
    100% recommend!!!!!!!!

  2. Barry

    “Excellent Customer Service and Delivery on time”. Linda went above and beyond to ensure my Christmas tree arrived on time before my overseas departure. I’m very happy with my 8ft Spitsbergen tree, it looks majestic just like the photos – good thing about this tree is that the leaves are mixed of PE and PVC which creates a good contrast and makes it look more realistic. It’s also great value for money compared to trees on other sites – Barry, Brisbane

  3. Carol Forner

    Unreal Christmas tree’s has Great customer service and there 4ft majestic pine tree looks lovely. Linda and Rob your very friendly service is so much more than 5 stars.

  4. Rebecca Theodoropoulos

    Look no further for christmas trees and decorations at Unreal Christmas Trees. I was blown away by the range and quality of decorations, the best I’ve seen anywhere. We purchased the 240cm Spitsbergen tree and it looks amazing. So happy with our purchase. Thank you to Linda and Rob for their help and inspiration.

  5. S T (store manager)

    The only disappointing part of my visit to the Unreal Christmas Trees was the short time l had to spend looking through the beautifully curated ornaments and trees. Seeing the quality of the items first hand made the selection even more difficult. Thank to Rob and the lovely Linda for quickly sorting through their stock to find exactly what I needed. I’ll be back..

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