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Real Tree Hassles

I don’t know about you, but every year I toy with the idea of buying a real, live Christmas tree. Childhood memories of Walt Disney Christmas scenes send endorphins racing through my mind, making me feel warm and nostalgic. Then reality sets in. Don’t get me wrong, real trees have their charm… but they are problematic.  Heavy, cumbersome, oddly shaped, and difficult to balance as well as messy. Then there is the odour.  Let’s not forget the uninvited critters and the hassle of disposal. All this, before the cost and the challenge of decorating.

If you are still not convinced, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why it is better to buy an artificial Christmas tree for your home this yuletide.

  1. Convenient

First of all, let’s talk about convenience. One of the greatest advantages of an artificial Christmas tree is that it’s easy to set up and take down. Unlike real trees, which are heavy, hard to manage, shed needles and require constant maintenance, artificial Xmas trees,  which you can easily buy online, are simple to assemble,  very stable and need no further maintenance. This is especially important if you have a busy schedule and do not want to be constantly fussing over your tree.

After the holiday season, your artificial Xmas tree can be easily packed up and stored until required the following year. No fuss. No mess. No waste.

2. Durable 

When it comes to durability and quality, manufactured Christmas trees  win hands down over real ones.  At Unreal Christmas Trees we choose only quality-tested artificial Christmas trees to sell online in our Christmas shop. Our faux Xmas trees feature steel frames, hinged branches, and branches made of quality materials.  Our trees are made to last.  

We recommend that when shopping around for Christmas trees online, be sure to look at Google reviews or contact the shop to ensure you are dealing with a genuine company in Australia, selling quality trees 

Google reviews confirm that Unreal Christmas Trees sell high-quality Christmas trees online at affordable prices. Customer service is also a high priority for this family-run Australian-owned business.

3. Reusable and People Friendly 

One big hassle with having a real Christmas tree is the fact that it is only single-use, and has to be discarded after only lasting up to 3-4 weeks. Let’s not forget that disposing of the tree afterwards can be quite difficult. Artificial trees, on the other hand, can be used year after year. This not only saves you money in the long run but also takes the tedious disposal process out of the equation. So if you are looking for a hassle-free option that can be used more than once  and that you can use for years to come, an artificial Christmas tree is a great choice. Of course, unreal Christmas trees are kinder to allergy sufferers as well since you don’t have to worry about pollen and other allergens that can trigger an allergic reaction.

4. Safe

It is comforting to know that quality artificial trees sold online and in-store at Unreal Christmas Trees are made of flame-resistant and retardant materials. By contrast, real trees are highly flammable and can be a fire hazard if not properly watered or if they come into contact with heat sources such as candles and other open flames. This is especially concerning if you have children, pets or merry guests who might accidentally knock over a candle. It’s certainly better to be safe than sorry and an artificial tree offers greater peace of mind.

5. Huge Choice of Natural Looking Trees

Typically,  pine trees are harvested for Christmas and while they have their charm and initially have a lovely smell, variety and choice are greatly limited. A live Christmas tree can be misshapen and sometimes it doesn’t quite look right in your home.

The outstanding feature of an artificial Christmas tree however, is that it comes in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles, making it easy to purchase an artificial Christmas tree online, that not only caters nicely to your needs but is also very natural looking. The classic green tree is still the most popular faux Xmas tree. However, flocked or frosted trees, blue spruce, long needle trees and pre-lit Christmas trees are increasingly sought after by Christmas lovers. These are all readily available online, but make sure you purchase yours from a reputable business like Unreal Christmas Trees online.

For convenience, variety and quality visit Unreal Christmas Trees online

For quality and a natural look, consider Royale Pine , Reno  or Blue Spruce

6. Flocked and Frosted Trees

There is also a strong trend towards the flocked Christmas tree also known as the frosted Xmas tree.These beautiful white artificial Christmas trees bring elegance, charm and the winter vibe to the Australian experience. Buying a snowy, flocked Xmas tree online is perfect for Christmas in July celebrations. Check out the fabulous selection from Unreal Christmas Trees, a local family-run business and Australian owned. Buy Frosted & Flocked Christmas Trees Online  – buy now.

7. Pre-lit Christmas trees

Another huge advantage of the artificial Christmas trees available in Australia is the fact that they now come with led lights attached. You can now purchase pre-lit Christmas trees which are easy and quick to assemble. Gone is the hassle of untangling and winding on fairy lights. If it’s a pre-lit tree you are after… (and who wouldn’t want the convenience and beauty of these) then the “Starry Light Christmas Tree ” is a spectacular choice.  This pre-lit tree twinkles with a magical glow from top to bottom. These beautiful pre-lit Christmas trees are easily available from online Christmas shops. 

Pre-lit Xmas trees are popular because they dispense with the frustration of untangling fairy lights which tend to break in the process. They are long-lasting and the beautiful led lights are evenly dispersed and emit a mesmerising glow, often with programmed 


These beautiful pre-lit Christmas trees are available now from Unreal Christmas Trees online Christmas shop.  Buy Now

8. Investment Purchase

If you are not convinced by now that you are better off buying a fake Xmas tree rather than a live tree, let’s talk about value for money. Buying an artificial Christmas tree can be a great investment. Choose a high-quality tree, (purchased from a reputable company such as Unreal Christmas Trees) and it can last for many years and provide a beautiful centrepiece for your holiday décor and family celebrations. Plus, you can change up your ornaments and decorations each year to keep your tree looking fresh, new and relevant.

Conclusion: Real Vs Artificial

All things told, we believe that the artificial Christmas tree is a much better choice than a real one for Australian shoppers. They are safer, more convenient and offer far more variety, not to mention they can be reused year after year! While some people prefer a live tree, the benefits of a faux tree make it a practical and popular choice for most shoppers. Buy a fabulous artificial Christmas tree… you  will love it.

Whatever you decide, happy online shopping from the team at Unreal Christmas Trees.